Our mission is to improve the overall health & wellbeing of society

The opportunity to be healthy is the right of all people. However, enabling this right requires the collective support of our whole community. The Cognercise Foundation has been established to source, coordinate and distribute the resources required to help ensure all individuals get access to vital mind and body health-promoting tools.

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What is the Cognercise Foundation?

COGNERCISE (Cognition and Exercise) – Is the premier way to strengthen mind and body fitness.

The Cognercise Foundation is a not-for-profit health and wellbeing charity determined to reduce the devastating effects of preventable illness and suffering across our community. It does this by promoting demonstrable empowerment through mind-body integration and performance training.

How do our programs work?

Cognercise programs are accessible both in-person and online in the form of workshops, classes and tutorials. Our current programs deliver a progressive array of practical tools which facilitate health literacy and nurture optimal mind/body development. Our growing library of innovative and engaging programs are designed to inform, empower and support individuals and their journey through life.

Whilst initially focusing on the young, our subsidised online digital platform currently has over 100 educational video modules tailored to suit the needs of children generally between the ages of 4 and 16. Each of our videos range from 2-30 minutes in length and offer the latest in practical health and wellbeing education.

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